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Extremely accomplished in his style Antonio Reonegro has over 30 years of creating iconic works of art. He is a talented artist who is passionate about painting, photography, drawing and all facets of graphic design.  His talents have been showcased since 1991 and continue to the present day.  While all were important in his career, most notable was Grateful Dead: Now Playing at the New York Historical Society,  ArtExpo NY and currently represented by POP International Gallery.


He produces artwork of all mediums from illustrations to graphic design, all types of photography, including industrial photography, storyboard artist, projects for leading brands and his most recent Cut Out Sculptures which took him into the Pop Art scene.  An air of mystery has always followed Reonegro’s work in the Rock and Roll world, with his name becoming synonymous with the jaunty style of jubilant skeletons that parade through his illustrious creations. Much like Posada before him, Reonegro spotlights the joys and pleasures of life through the traditional images of The Dead. It's a euphoric flair that always leaves his audience wanting more.


Reonegro has produced work for the Grateful Dead, Joan Jett, Blues Travelers, Allman Brothers Band, MTV, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Rhino Records, Off Broadway Shows “Red Roses Green Gold” and “Rocktopia” and many other clients.


ìI was introduced to the Grateful Dead in 1988 and it was one of the most exciting times of my career.  They gave me creative freedom to produce my vision; I had artistic license to do what I wanted. I designed and created numerous t-shirt designs, logos and sketches which ultimately became their backstage passes, and ended up creating over 170 backstage passes for the band.


Never done before in the music industry, Reonegro designed and created a whole new genre of backstage passes for the Grateful Dead.  Each backstage pass for the shows had to be different for security reasons; and backstage passes cannot be purchased they are only given out by the band.  Reonegro’s passes blew them away; dark and playful, vibrant and eternal, characters as colorful as the band they celebrate; all linked to each venue, to tell a story about a band, about a town, about a time.


Each backstage pass could easily stand on its own for a unique piece of art; but if you went to all the Dead shows on the tour they all connected and formed yet another design.  While all of his backstage passes have become highly collectible, Reonegro’s most sought after backstage passes to this day are the ones he created for the 1991 Spring Tour which had 20 concert dates.  A sketch of 1991 Circus Train Tour  is part of  the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame archives. 


From the UC Santa Cruz University Archives:  “There are a number of examples of the art of Reonegro in the Grateful Dead's business records, both finished/produced passes, tshirts, etc., as well as design proposals, correspondence, and rough sketches.”


Antonio Reonegro holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts Communication and Design from Pratt Institute, and has studied intensively at the Passalacqua School of Illustration & Design.  He also teaches film and digital photography at Wagner College.  He enjoys going to museums and running.  He resides in Staten Island with his wife and family.


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